AL-ARAFAH Hajj Services Ltd will not compromise on the well being of the Hujjaj and we shall continue to fulfill our commitment as a service provider to the guests of Allah both in Makkah and Medina. We offer a personal service, we are with you throughout the journey. See what Hajji's say about us in the reviews section.

We have been providing Hajj and Umrah services for over 25 years. This has allowed to gain valuable contacts within Makkah and Medina. We have exclusive deals with local dates plantations and Zam Zam water cargo suppliers, along with the vast majority of Hotel suppliers.

We provide structured lectures to educate the Hujjaj on all aspects of Hajj and Umrah. Our tours are tailored to take care of all the planning associated with traveling to Saudi Arabia, therefore allowing you to spend your time at ziyarats and prayers during your stay.

Non Shifting Packages

Our packages are always non shifting packages. This means we stay in a Makkah hotel within walking distance to Masjid Al-Haram throughout your stay in Makkah. We do not relocate to Aziziyah or other local districts (approx 4-5km) during your stay, which then require bus journeys to Al-Haram. We have fluent arabic speakers within our group leaders and this allow for many issues within Saudi Arabia to dealt with very efficiently.

Booking Requirements
1. Valid passport (7 months prior to departure)
2. Three (3) photographs on white background
3. Deposit / Full payment
4. Visa Application form
5. Valid ACWY certificate (Meningitis) Contact your GP.
6. ​Proof of relation (if traveling with Mehram)
7. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
8. For more information see Booking area

Hajj and Umrah Services

  • Hajj Visa (Application form and Visa process)
  • Hajj Draft (also known as bank drafts)
  • Return air fares from UK to KSA
  • Transportation to UK Airport + Return
  • Round transfers by air-conditioned coaches
  • None Shifting - Hotels within walking distance
  • Air cooler tents in Mina
  • Air-conditioned tents in Arafat
  • Sofa-beds, pillows and blanket in Mina
  • Ziarahs in Makkah and Medina
  • Meals provided in Makkah/Medina Mina/Arafa
  • One Qurbani (additional Qurbanis on request at extra cost) you can witness your Qurbani
  • Group Leader fluent in Arabic/Urdu/English
  • Hajj Seminars prior to travel (see contact page)
  • Accompanied by experienced scholars throughout

Hajj 2019

Depart: Tue 30 Jul 2019 Return: Sun 25 Aug 2019

Group Leaders
M. Arif Khan (Birmingham) Fluent Arabic Speaker
M. Ali (Sheffield)
Nisar Khan (Birmingham)

Makkah: Alfajar AlBadie 1. 3/5 Sharing 17 nights
Medina: Mirage AlSalam. 3/5 Sharing 8 nights

Catering Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner & Mina/Arafat

Departure British Airways Direct Heathrow-Jeddah
Return British Airways Direct Jeddah-Heathrow
Luggage allowance: 23kg x2 + 7kg hand + 1 ZamZam


Bookings Closed

Umrah 2019 Group 1

Depart: Fri 25th Oct 2019 Return: Sun 3rd Nov 2019

Group Leaders
M. Arif Khan (Birmingham) Fluent Arabic Speaker
Nisar Khan (Birmingham)

Makkah: Zam Zam Pullman 5*
Medina: Al Marwa by Rotana 5*

Catering Breakfast

Departure: Royal Jordanian Direct Heathrow-Medina
Return Royal Jordanian Direct Medina-Heathrow
Luggage allowance: 23kg x2 + 7kg hand + 1 5l ZamZam


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Umrah 2019/20 Group 2

Depart: TBC

Group Leaders
M. Ali (Sheffield)
M. Arif Khan (Birmingham) Fluent Arabic Speaker

Makkah: TBC
Medina: TBC

Catering Breakfast & Evening Dinner

Departure - TBC
Return - TBC
Luggage allowance: 23kg x2 + 7kg hand + 1 ZamZam


Bookings Closed